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acoustic girl mountainThe Campfire Sessions, a video documentary with and about professional Singer-Songwriters.

The campfire Sessions is a project where established artists  get together at a outdoor location to make music. During this meeting they play some of their best songs written, fully acoustic and unplugged. The show will be professionally recorded on video and later released with exclusive versions for only a selective audience of backers (crowdfunders). The audience present at the video shoot consists of backers that support their favourite artist by buying festival tickets through the backers program of The Campfire Sessions.

Ten singer songwriters who play different styles of music, different ages, ethnicity and gender come together in The Campfire Sessions.

The documentary will be released in a limited edition on DVD, or BlueRay, and a deluxe CD amongst many other crowdfunding levels and merchandise. This limited edition will be only available for backers. In addition to the hard copies the music documentary will be released on video on demand channel (pay channel) named: The Campfire Sessions. Besides the hard copies there are various packages available for backers.


Not every artist is comfortable to play his best song acoustically. Others find it just great to play unplugged for a selective audience.

At The Campfire Sessions it is precisely about the unplugged versions. But it's not about emerging artists, especially those who are professionally involved will have the chance to get the ultimate out of his finest songs. Our vision is to record the documentary in HD video quality and edit the footage into a wonderful music documentary.

For the artist in doubt, we know how often you are asked to participate free as 'promotion'. Not with our project. We pay a travel allowance and an advance on royalties, we will accommodate and cater you for all days of the video shoot.


Only two-hundred backers are able to reserve a seat at the unique location to experience the video shoot that will take four days. The recordings are in the early evening and will be videotaped in the open air at the campfire. The public is clearly part of the shooting as well as the Canadian Rocky Mountains area where the video shoot of the documentary will take place.

This concept is fully financed by backers through a crowdfunding platform. Soon the campaign will be  online.  Sign up on our mailing list and stay informed of all new developments around this very first edition of The Campfire Sessions - The Rocky Mountains edition.

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