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Yes, in different ways. We respect all the rights. If you are chosen to participate you will receive an advance on royalties. All income will be proportionally deducted from the deposit. Once the advance payment is exceeded by income you get paid more. The royalties will be calculated once a year by an accountants office and within two months paid to the artist.

The reproduction of DVDs, Blue Rays and CDs is made in the Netherlands. The Dutch copyright system works so that the copyright for reproduction should be paid before the reproduction is made. This means that the copyright of composer, lyricist and publisher are paid internationally via your own copyright organization. Canadian rules differ in the area of ​​copyright. Through a music publishing company these rights may, however, be claimed. Artists who do not have their music released through an accredited music publisher will be hosted by our own music publishing company "Mc-Ent publishing". The fee for the use of a music publisher is 33% of revenues. The remaining 66% is divided between the composer and lyricist and paid directly to the right holders.

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