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What are the campfire sessions?

The Campfire Sessions is the name of a professional music video documentary about ten singer-songwriters from a specific region. The first edition is "The Mountain Rocky edition" and is situated at the foot of the Canadian Rockies near Hinton - Jasper.

Completely central is the music of the singer songwriters. The artists come together for four days in a special place in the open air where they play at night, acoustic and unplugged  their very best songs for a selected live audience. It all takes place around the necessary campfire. The choice of performers is based on the variety and music genre, gender, age and ethnic background. This way we secure a beautiful and varied music documentary that serves the region. For the guests we create a luxury setting of tables and chairs. The environment of the Rockies plays an important role as a natural backdrop.

The Campfire Sessions is made possible by the fans of the artists. Through a crowdfunding campaign they can support their idol by ordering products in advance such as downloads of video and music, but also the physical product such as DVD, Blu-Ray and CD. There are also tickets to attend the video recordings as public. These tickets are in a very limited edition available as Passe Partout VIP tickets. A VIP ticket takes care and accommodated the guests for four days, and day tickets for one day to attend the sessions.

The documentary is technically in a very professional way recorded by multiple cameras in HD quality. After the four days of The Campfire Sessions all the footage will be assembled into a cool documentary, released on streaming video, DVD, BluRay, and for instance on double CD album. The orders are distributed to the fans and the business community who ensured by the crowdfunding perks that this documentary can be made.

Premiere of the Documentary in December 2016

The big moment of the premiere, the first time that artists, VIPs, fans and press can see the documentary in Edmonton Canada will be at the beginning of December 2016. Just in time for the Christmas gifts and leading up to the celebrations of 150 years Federation of Canada in 2017.

The documentary is then presented to several TV channels at home and abroad. The CD and DVD will be further distributed and can be seen and heard through various live streaming on-demand video and digital audio services.


This is a project for artists by which the support of the fan base of each artist plays an important role. The project only will be finished as the entire budget has been raised through kickstarter. To finance this project, we have 60 days and according to the rules of Kickstarter "All or Nothing”, only with full financing through orders in advance of products, services and tickets will secure the documentary.

The recordings are set to  July 21 to July 24, 2016.

The music recordings are always in the evening between 8:00pm and 11:30pm on Thursday 21, Friday 22 and Saturday, July 23, 2016. All artists perform each night, always at different times. During the shooting that is spread over 3 days each artist is playing a total of 6 different songs. On Sunday, July 24th, 2016 between 01:00pm and 5:00pm there will be a closing a jam session of artists and audiences. At 5:00pm we close the project.

At the shooting location there will be tables and luxury seats placed close around the artist and the campfire. In front there is room for VIP guests who have purchased a VIP Passe Partout (up to 50 couples) behind this VIP terrace there is a place for people who have purchased a day pass (up to 100 per day). There is an additional terrace by invitation of the organization, introduces the artists and volunteers.

During the day there is time set aside for interviews with the artists in different locations. On Saturday, July 23, 2016 is for the artists and VIP guests holding a pass for this during a Picnic together with a guide.

Technology and staff.

This documentary is recorded on a very high and television standard in High Definition. This means that there will be filmed in HD with five fixed cameras with crew, supplemented by a crane (large arm with camera) and a drone with HD camera. The video recordings will be under the guidance of a visual director. Furthermore we are working with audio engineers serving the sound for the audience, a technician and audio producer for the sound recordings for the DVD, BluRay and CD, a lighting technician for the lighting of the shooting location. There are volunteers working for the public support during the video shootings and volunteers for the support during the day program. There are people to secure the safety around the site and the important campfire.

After all recordings have been taken, the footage will be processed into a 90-minute music documentary - at that time more than 120 hours of video and 15 hours of audio.

The music producer and audio technician will be approximately three weeks working on the audio productions for CD and DvD. The CD audio and video mixes are different mixes. After this the video producer and engineer start to work on the footage. In about a month's time they will be ready with the video. Audio and video are merged, and where necessary, the footage and / or sound will be adjusted to each other. After this process the audio will be send to the mastering company for CD and video master.

In the meantime, the graphic designer start on the design of the CD, DVD and BluRay cases, the included booklet and the magazine with the lyrics, interviews and photos. Further, the graphic designer will design all the material for the Goody Bag.

What happens next?
There are DVDs, Blu Rays and CDs produced in ordered quantities. Also will the goody bag put together with all the products. The shipping of all the perks will be approximately in the 3rd week of November 2016 and sent from the Netherlands. The video and audio is prepared for online streaming and download capabilities. After the premiere (December 4, 2016), the streams and downloads will be available for the audience.

Early December 2016 a small team from the Netherlands come back to Canada for the Premiere of the final result. For this, there has been a cinema reserved in Edmonton where all artists, VIP guests and everyone who bought tickets for this premiere, will be provided with a drink and a snack followed by the premiere of the documentary.

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