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Before being selected:
Registration is only for Soloists and Duos;

You fill in the application form on the site. This indicates that you are seriously interested and will be available on the mentioned dates;

You state that you have written your own songs and released at least one official album (via label distribution or demonstrable sales figures);

You must have all the rights of the songs;

You have a fan page on Facebook (or equivalent), or demonstrable fanbase and your own website;

You are all days of the shootings - July 21 to 24, 2016 - both day and night, fully available;

All songs and chosen instruments must be played acoustic and unplugged.

After you've been selected:
One song that you choose for the video recordings should have been previously released (so no new work);

All instruments should be recordable acousticly (example: stand up bass, no bass guitar);

You choose four other original songs which the audience can vote for to end up in the documentary;

You choose an evergreen cover (world famous song);

You state to own all the rights of the songs we record or have full written authorization of the (co) owners of a song;

You give permission to use your image rights, songs and video recordings for unlimited and international use;

If you don’t have a internationally recognized publishing deal your work will be registered at Mc-Ent publishing;

You are willing to sign a written contract for the project;

You are willing to do interviews with the media;

You share all promotional videos and advertisements during the term of the crowdfunding as much as possible with your social network.

During the filming days:
You warrant to cooperate with all fan activities;

There is no alcohol consumed before and during the shootings;

Any act - solo and duo - may invite one guest per each person to join the shooting - soloist one person, duos 2 people;

The recording schedule is determined, you will agree with this completely;

You contribute to as many interviews with the media as requested and also at the on-site live interviews;

You will receive as Act, a travel allowance of $ 300.00, paid at the beginning of the shooting days;

You will receive as Act an advance on royalties of $ 700.00 paid at the beginning of the shooting days;

Each selected Act will be accommodated for the days of the shootings including breakfast and based on a twin room;

If you bring along a guest the costs for additional rooms are unfortunately on your own account.

Audio, video mixing and mastering after recording.
All instrument effects are added during the mix down of the recordings;

The audio producer and video director define the final product.

During the Premiere in December 2016.
You try to be present at the premiere in Edmonton;

If you are present you make sure you are dressed festively;

You're available for the press, VIPs and audience and are willing to sign products.

Some tips

If you are selected:
Dress to impress, this video may be for years online and rotate  on television.
Think global, look at other artists in various locations around the world.
Select at least one song that was successful, recognition is often the key for fans


The compensation you receive from the sale of music and video products;

Author rights.
Your copyright as a composer, lyricist, arranger and publisher;

Financed by individuals and companies who believe in a project. They buy products in advance and pay a sum that includes both the product as a part sponsorship of the project;

(See crowdfunding);

High Definition.
HD video is 1920 bij1080 lines sharp, making it 4x as sharp as a standard SD video recording;

Mini helicopter with a HD camera in it;

Big arm with an HD camera. This is operated by a crane operator and an assistant;

In this case means a soloist or duo and optionally one side musician;

Is the first official display for artist, VIPs public and press. An opening event;

A song can be played without amplification, power or effects;

See acoustic.

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