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EntranceThe location of The Campfire Sessions is:

The Entrance Ranch
(near Hinton AB Canada)

AB 51111 HWY 40, Forestry Trunk Rd, Entrance, AB T7v1X5, Canada 

Go to the Website: The Entrance Ranch

Banner Open Air TheaterOpen Air Theatre

We create an intimate open air theatre setting at the foot of The Rockies near Hinton AB Canada.

On the grounds of The Entrance Ranch we build a film set on location. The audience sits in an theatre setting close around the artist and The Campfire and is part of the video shoot. Each of the ten selected artist plays every evening live.

All songs will be professionally recorded on audio and video. Thirty songs end up in the official music documentary and another twenty will be released on DVD or BLURAY or VIDEO STREAM with all the extras like behind the scenes material.

Tickets are limited to hundred seats for friends and fans per night.

Only Fifty people will be allotted a “Campfire Sessions VIP Pass" valid All Recording Days.

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