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banner priveDear friends of The Campfire Sessions,

To us it seems like we can play in a 'new decor' to speak in our own jargon.

The Campfire Sessions is a continuation of previous projects that we have undertaken with many artists from Canada over the past 19 years.

About this project, we are particularly excited because all our previous work is summarized in this new project.  But a final end, this project is certainly not because there will be more to come after this edition.

Still a Long Way To Go.

But we do not want to go too much ahead because we still have a long way to go.

Registration for artists who want to participate closed last Friday April 25th. Until the very last minute there were more applications coming in. At some point you have to stop the selection and start choosing the artists who will be featured in the documentary.

This process has now begun, a team of professionals from the music business now examines the applications, listens to music and visiting pages. The ultimate goal is a varied program which is a nice summary of the singer songwriters and their songs from the Rocky Mountains area.

Within a few days we will tell the artists who will be invited. It remains hard to choose but I can assure everyone that the decisions about quality of songs and artists is not be made. All entries meet that demand. The choice to be made now is how we can create a varied program that will appeal to the audience.

The crowdfunding campaign also will go live in a few days. You can support this amazing project through the pre-sale of CDs, DVDs, video streams, merchandise etc.
For 200 people each evening, and 50 VIPs for the entire recording period there are entrance tickets for sale. This way you can be part of the video shoot and support your favorite artist and be part of a great experience.

If we do not reach our financial goal then you won’t be charged. That is the rule of Kickstarter, the crowdfuding platform. It's all or nothing. We are convinced that it will be ALL the way down to The Campfire Sessions in July 2016. 

See you there?

Eric Vermeulen
Executive producer of The Campfire Sessions

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