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How come that a Dutch business is doing such a project in Canada?

One day there was someone waiting at my office on the stairs. She sat there for a while apparently. I was shocked but could not remember that I had an appointment. That turned out not to be the case. It was a Canadian singer who lived for a while in the Netherlands. She was looking for someone who could help her with some problems in the field of artist management. We are talking about 1996. I never thought my career would take such a turn.

Since then I am more and more immerse myself in music from Canada. I have met many artists and also worked with many of them in almost 20 years.

In recent years, the whole business is increasingly built on music from Canada and we toured in different countries traveled from festival to clubs and eventually we also specialized in theater productions and produced fully directed music shows.

The Campfire Sessions is basically an extension of all our work of the past few decades-. Working with talent gives a great satisfaction.

But the biggest adventure is surely the crowdfunding campaign. For a project like this you need a lot of money and therefore need a lot of supporters. You can design a project like this on the drawing board but money needs to come in for execution. Next week, the crowdfunding campaign goes live, about the same time as when we fly over the ocean on our way to Canada.

The enthusiasm of both artists, professionals and media is such that we can say that we have already won that battle, now the challenge is to show the public how fantastic this project is. From the reactions the past few days on Facebook and by mail, it seems that the audience responds well.

Meanwhile my work is piling up here at my desk so back to the order of the day. Nice weekend! In the Netherlands they expect the first real spring day with temperatures reaching 20 degrees Celsius.
Till later folks.

Eric Vermeulen

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