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Perhaps it is not necessary considering the fact that most of the people I know have something to do with the music industry but I would like to ask your attention on all those artists, musicians, composers, lyricists, arrangers, labels, producers, publishers and the many people behind the scenes who work in the music business. I call it deliberately music business because although we all deal with it as if it is common property, people have been working on it and there is a lot of time and money, and often years of study invested in creating, let people listen to or release this final product of creativity.

Consciously or unconsciously music plays in everyone's life a major role. Happy and sad moments here often go together. Some recordings become hits, others we hear back in commercials, a song about love, social criticism or a cartoon full of tunes. There really can be named hundreds maybe thousands of situations where music plays a important role. Every day we are somewhere entertained with music, live or on recordings. And always there are one or more people who created it.

The Creativity and invested time is unlimited. Nevertheless, this form of artistry is still often undervalued and we all make us guilty of it. A download or a copy, not mentioning the rightful owner, a recording with your phone during a concert? Examples enough. And though free music has become very common. Real people invested many many hours. How can you still produce new music when there is no longer paid for?

I like to ask extra attention for all those people who are in this business this Christmas, not because they want me to, they are artists who surely go their own way but because I think they deserve our personal attention for all those beautiful creations we listen to daily.

Think of a time when a certain song played a very important role in your life and ask yourself sometimes who has made that possible?
I am thinking of my own wedding day in 2005 when the song "Your Love" by Dulce Pontes with music by Ennio Morricone played a huge part of the ceremony during the time that the rings were exchanged. I cherish and relive that moment every time I hear that song.

In the new world there are downloads, streams, videos and music carriers such as CDs and DVDs for sale. For the coming year 2016, and I'm convinced I speak for all my friends in the music busines, I want to ask all of you to support the music business by making use of legal services. Let the makers getting grip on one's creative and intellectual property. And let's be honest, you don’t have to spent a lot of money nowadays. Your favorite song can be downloaded for only $ 0.99 without having to buy a whole album. It may be hard to imagine, but for this ninety-nine cents, each and every artist is grateful and we can continue to make great music.

Let Music Rule The World!

Eric Vermeulen

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