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This week the Campfire Session got more real to us now that we’re in Canada for a working and location spotting visit.
On Saturday we had a direct flight to Calgary and when we arrived the weather was great a nice temperature and a gentle breeze so that's a good start.

We booked a hotel randomly and it turned out to be the best pick. Pool, breakfast, beds it was all real good.

Our first meeting, one of many, was with Marlene D’Aoust, the expert on artist and music marketing here in Calgary and far beyond. Our relationship goes way back so it was cool to have a 'live' meeting with Marlene. After showing some of our promotional stuff Marlene got really exited.
She shared many contacts with us and introduced us to people who can help us with the project and within a day our calendar filled up fast.

During our trip to Edmonton we played Maria Dunn's latest album "Gathering" just released a week ago and we heard again a great new project with lots of interesting stories in Maria's songs. We had about 4 hours to go, to us a little bit unusual - The Netherlands fits in Alberta 60 times) We almost forgot how huge cars and trucks are in Canada but then again rush hour here is any normal hour in Holland. On our way we stopped for a drink and bought something for the night. Standing in line a guy started talking to me and told me that I must be from New York, I’m not completely sure why but he said that I was too polite when I let him go first inline! Thanks, just made my day.

In our hotel in Edmonton you can make your own Belgian waffles, so Diego did, he did not exactly followed the instructionsWaffle and thus he will be long remembered by the waitress…she wasn’t too happy when the whole thing sticked to the waffle iron. She started to explain in slow and kinder garden English that he had to spray the oil on both waffle plates as it was mentioned on the paper hanging above the waffle iron. We do understand English but we only didn’t understand the waffle machine.

We spent a whole morning at a professional video company. Very helpful people and again the feedback at our project is so cool. We thought to have a simple order for cameras and extra stuff but it turns out that the cameras we want to use for the documentary come from all directions of Canada, so not too common what we need after all, they had only two in Alberta and we need six. But Ben, a very helpful guy worked it all out. It ended up that he scrolled down through his phone to recommend camera operators who could help us with the project. That was a great start of the day so time to do some little shopping on White Av.
Now this is interesting, we got lost and decided to grap a coffee at the Capitano market. We walked around, buy some things and then we run into Peter North. Now what are the odds that you run into someone who you tried to contact a few times from The Netherlands but never reached him and you have to know that Peter doesn't live in Edmonton anymore, he was visiting... Wel this must be a sign, the wind blows in the right direction.

And much more to come.

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