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LauraVinson TheatreA music documentary needs a presenter who understands the singers. We are proud that the Canadian Rocky Mountain artist Laura Vinson accepted the invitation to do this task. Laura Vinson has been an ambassador of music from the Rocky Mountains. Laura grew up at the foot of the Rockies and knows to set the right mood.

Laura Vinson, The Rocky Mountain Lady.

Laura Vinson is working for more than 30 years in the music industry. As a country star in her homeland Canada, she had several hits including "Sweet Mountain Music". Laura Vinson and Free Spirit are regularly seen on all the major festivals and venues in North America and is a frequent guest on many national TV shows. In 1996, after her time as a country music artist Vinson created a theater show called "The Spirit Sings" about her highly successful album "Voices On The Wind", an album for which she has received several ARIA awards.

Laura Vinson was born and raised in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains near Jasper National Park. Her metis heritage is Cherokee, Cree English and French. In all her songs you feel the roots of her Aboriginal background. The songs tell about the life of the North American Indians and their traditions. From her album, songs as "Louisiana Purchase" tell a true story about her Cherokee Great-Grandmother who was purchased by her American husband for just a "good horse and some blankets"

Her aboriginal roots inspired Laura to record this album around the North American Natives to take a large audience to introduce her cultural background and heritage.

The show turns out to be a huge success internationally, as well the festival edition but also the unique theatrical version. The show travels halfway around the globe -South Korea, United States, Australia, Denmark, Lithuania, Belgium and the Netherlands-. A colorful display of Native North American rhythms and uplifting lyrics about the wonderful life then and now with the currents of aboriginals, the Metis, western and Celtic influence a complete story.

Authentic Native sound, songs and stories about North American Indians and Metis mixed in a contemporary musical show. The ancestral spirit is audibly present when the Indigenous Dancers enter the stage and perform their traditional dances. Visually, emotionally and musically this is a glimpse into the life and history of Native North American Indians- you can feel the Spirits are there!

To be in the audience at a Laura Vinson & Free Spirit Concert is to experience what it was like to be part of the spiritual and tribal rituals of a time long past. One feels the Ancestral Spirits hovering over the performers especially when the Native dancers make their proud and mysterious entrances. Their dazzling outfits, dances, songs and drumming come from centuries of spiritually and tradition. It evokes a feeling of the past and present merging in Laura's songs, the bands music and the ancient rhythms and melodies from the Native performances

Accompanied by a multi-instrumentalist four piece band and the powwow dancers, Laura has in the past few years performed at large festivals in Canada, America, Australia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Lithuania and Korea. This group has won more than 20 Canadian Recording industry awards.

After singing contemporary folk with Bob Ruzicka at the University of Alberta, and then rock with the band Bitter Suite, she formed her own group, Red Wyng, in 1973 and turned to country music.

A performance from Laura Vinson combines traditional music performed in a comtemporary presentation and involves the audience in the other side of the Wild West way of life in historical and present day North America.

Petite Marie - Laura Vinson

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