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eric bwI would like to thank the artists who are so far interested in The Campfire Sessions and the ones who already applied for a slot at the summer event.

I see also more and more fans who sign up for the newsletter. I hope that these fans will support the project as soon as the crowdfunding campaign goes live. We now have put wonderful packages together. We will have CDs and DVDs up to VIP tickets to attend the four days of shootings in the Rocky Mountains.

Welcome everyone. It is very nice that there are so many positive reactions to our music project. We’re getting more and more exited every day!

We are now working on this plan for over a year. It was created on the "drawing board" to what has now become the final plan.
This project is inspired by the beautiful songs we hear during the international tours we organize for Canadian artists. I’m not talking about the stage versions but about the time that an artist rehearse a bit acoustically just before she/he goes on stage. Then you hear the song in its naked form and feel the power of the song

This inspired us to come up with a project were we can enjoy the singer and her/his song together with a number of friends surrounded by the beauty of the Canadian Rockies. This is also our way of showing these artists at their best to an international audience. And thus The Campfire Sessions were born.

We still accept new artists.

Important to tell is that this project is fully funded by crowdfunding. This is the way to engage fans and friends in the career of an artist. Crowdfunding also has rules. In addition to everything we have to take into account is the most important rule of the crowdfunding platform the "All or Nothing" rule. This means that the amount that we need must be funded in full before we can start the actual recordings. Quite exciting and at the same time scary for the performers but also for us.

We will have 60 days to reach the minimum necessary budget. I am not ashamed to say that I often lie awake on this project. But after a year of planning, I am also convinced that we can make it. With the right team in Canada and in the Netherlands we’re up for a great project.

Thanks again for all the positivity, we keep you informed on the progress of The Campfire Sessions 2016 and would love to hear from you as well. Questions, concerns, applications, all are welcome!
Eric Vermeulen
Executive Producer The Campfire Sessions.

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