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From: Discover Airdrie
Written by: Derek Craddock

When Airdrie Country artist Mark Lorenz heard about the disaster in Fort McMurray, he couldn't sit and do nothing. 

Hearing first hand from friends who fled their homes in the midst of smoke and flames struck Lorenz to the core.

Seeing the images and video on TV also moved Lorenz and his family as he tried to comprehend the emotions his northern neighbours were feeling

After talking with one of his friends following the mass evacuations, Lorenz listened to the daring efforts to escape the fires and put it to music.

"The song idea actually came from something that he said to me. I asked him, I said 'what next, what are you going to do,' and he said, 'I don't know, I'll have to wait until the smoke clears'."

"The song literally wrote itself in probably 2's been something that's spiraled so amazing because of this."

When The Smoke Clears

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